what is defination of halal certification

Arabic Definitions

  • Halal: Permissible or allowed in Arabic
  • Halal Inspector, Supervisor, Auditor: Different positions in a Halal certifying organization or can be used interchangeably for a person who inspects, supervisors or audits a plant
  • Halal Food: Food that is allowed for consumption under Sharia law
  • Haram: Things that are forbidden, swine, carrion, flowing blood, and intoxicating alcohol
  • Makrooh: detested, disliked or discouraged
  • Mashbooh: doubt, suspect or questionable
  • Mathhab: School of thought in Islam
  • Najs: Filth that includes things such as blood, pigs, carrion, derivatives, objects and fluids discharged by animals and human beings such as blood, vomit, excrements, urine and pus
  • Takbir and Tasmiya: Bismillah Allahu Akbar which is the name of greatest God

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Halal International Certification Pvt Ltd is a globally recognized organization that works on the mission to sustain Halal integrity in the modern world. The auditing and certification services we provide are internationally accepted in every sector of Halal industry including poultry, meat production, and slaughter.

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