What is Halal International Certification(HIC)?

Halal International Certification Pvt Ltd has the officers who have education and experience in slaughtering birds and animals. The organizations that certify the food products and ingredients employ officers who have the knowledge of ingredients used in food, non-food products, technology and supervision of food and other product processing. These officers are able to effectively communicate and monitor the sensitive Halal industry. HIC today is considered as the certifying body which can assist, advice and direct organizations to achieve the quality in product flow systems, production, hygiene, packaging, labeling, transportation, storage, sanitization and other activities related to Halal product manufacturing. The consultants and advisers give advice to management about specific matters related to ingredient approval and proper slaughtering procedures.

The records have to be maintained by inspectors during findings and audits. They have control over the use of Halal symbols and names. HIC has the power to certify an organization or plant or cancel its authorization depending on the implementation of rules and regulations.

The process that we follow to certify company involves asking simple questions such as ‘What is Halal’ to important ones regarding preservatives, additives, colorings, flavorings and the Halal practices. In addition, the auditing team will conduct an inspection to check if the setup meets the Halal standards.

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Halal International Certification Pvt Ltd is a globally recognized organization that works on the mission to sustain Halal integrity in the modern world. The auditing and certification services we provide are internationally accepted in every sector of Halal industry including poultry, meat production, and slaughter.

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